Professional dancer & STOTT PILATES® * instructor.

Rosie Terry Toogood trained as a dancer at Paul McCartney's performing arts school LIPA, and with a leading Israeli contemporary dance programme in Ga'aton. She has extensive experience as a qualified STOTT® Pilates teacher alongside a ten-year career as a professional dancer and choreographer.

​Rosie has worked all over the world including in Bollywood, India, and is Co- Artistic Director of dance collective Bufo Makmal, Switzerland. Her style incorporates the STOTT® Pilates repertoire, as used in sports science and rehabilitation, as well as contemporary dance practices and cultural influences from her many collaborative projects internationally.

​Rosie’s approach to teaching is simultaneously relaxed and precise, promoting enhanced core strength, mobility and flexibility. Her classes are focused and therapeutic, leaving you re-energised and refreshed. She launched STUDIO FLUID in Spring 2020, she now has multiple clients worldwide including LA, Paris, London and Basel, Switzerland.

*Here's more about STOTT® Pilates.